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Hotel Der Blaue Reiter ****S

  • Amalienbadstraße 16 , 76227 Karlsruhe
  • 4.6 km
  • Rooms: 83
  • Conference rooms: 9
  • Largest room: 240 qm
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Conference rooms and combinations

Meeting or conference: Our combinable multifunctional event rooms always provide the right place for your events (capacity up to 200 persons). Experienced staff and our mobile technical equipment guarantee perfect organisation and most possible flexibility.

If you are planning great festivities with extraordinary ambiance, we can well recommend our new location \"Kunstwerk\".

1 Tagungsraum
Size 160 qm
  • 40 PAX
  • 80 PAX
  • 120 PAX
2 Tagungsraum
Size 240 qm
  • 100 PAX
  • 200 PAX
3 Tagungsraum
Size 120 qm
  • 30 PAX
  • 60 PAX
  • 100 PAX
4 Tagungsraum
Size 80 qm
  • 20 PAX
  • 40 PAX
  • 60 PAX
5 Tagungsraum
Size 25 qm
  • 10 PAX
6 Tagungsraum
Size 15 qm
  • 6 PAX
7 Tagungsraum
Size 50 qm
  • 15 PAX
  • 20 PAX
  • 30 PAX
  • 20 PAX
8 Tagungsraum
Size 160 qm
  • 40 PAX
  • 80 PAX
  • 120 PAX

Hotel Der Blaue Reiter guarantees the best possible nights stay as well as providing an atmosphere that inspires and indulges your senses – whether you are relaxing or working.

The name of our house is inspired by a famous group of expressionists called \"Der blaue Reiter\" to which belonged such well-known artists as Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Münter, Franz Marc, August Macke and Paul Klee. Samples of their fantastic coloured compositions will accompany you through the hotel.

After founding the groups \"Phalanx\" in 1901 and \"Neue Künstlervereinigung\" (\"New Artists\' Assembly\") in 1909, Wassily Kandinsky founded \"Der blaue Reiter\" in Munich in 1911.

The name is taken from Kandinsky\'s 1903 painting, in which one can see a romantic hero riding through an autumn landscape on a white horse. Together with Franz Marc, \"Der blaue Reiter\" united famous German and Russian expressionist painters.

Family Fränkle is delighted to welcome you to their hotel. To the gallery of paintings

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